Elmer Sands

Vastness of sky
I float, a star on the shallow bay
Evening spreads; a deepening bruise
Nothing hurts for now
Tomorrow? Do not think of morning
Of waking

Darkness incoherent, bright follicles
Emergence of colours
Lights. There, the red of Mars!

Eventually this fades
Sea changes; follows the wind. I rise
Tomorrow will come, for better or worse
Even for us, my love


n.b. This provoked by the prompt from NaPoWriMo 2022: I have however, produced an acrostic from the first line of 'Crucijada' by Federico García Lorca.

CLP 06/04/2022

May Day, Bognor Regis


petals wild blown

accumulate in drifts

fill gutters,

kerbs billow into puffed up pillows.


Bared bottom leaves tilt up

and wiggle, pale undersides

frolic nude.


Baited by sunlight,

naked limbs are dared

to risk exposure

so piercing beams,

when whisked up

with sea-cooled gusts,

buff white skin



CLP  01/05/2018