on time

Rough old seaside town
When not putting on a front
Can be quite charming

n.b. Brighton, if you were asking. Yes, I know it is a city now, but not when I first knew it.

CLP 16/05/2023

on light

amongst happy throng
one woman cries her heart out
rainbows come with rain


n.b. Oblivious of the calendar, I travelled to see family and friends and discover that Brighton Pride is set for the same weekend.

This means a lot of relaxed people, a lot of extravagance and flamboyance, a very large number of police.

So many people having fun, dancing. One young tearful woman being consoled by her friend. There will be hangovers.

CLP 07/08/2022

on stage

is not for money
it's about giving a show
out there, being heard


n.b. I think this band are a bit different. I greatly enjoyed their set at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton on 5th August 2022. Something of The Fall about them, or DC Fontaines, but different. You have been warned.

CLP 06/08/2022

on time

four decades since this
dingy seaside town was home
we have both moved on


CLP 05/08/2022