On The Street, Leicester

May. Rain so intense it hurts

like February.

Two tall men stood

on the corner outside

the mini-mart by the station.


A ham and cheese sandwich

with a note shared

stories of losing fathers

in youth. Two lives

navigated by guesswork.


CLP 14/05/2021

On Numbers (AZD7442)

Overwhelmed by it?


May be the answer


n.b. Another breakthrough in preventatives and treatments: monoclonal antibodies?

While we may have sussed the biochemistry, we still need to keep at the age old problem of sharing the Love, brothers and sisters, sharing the Love.

CLP 26/12/2020

Come Away, Now!

The brothers shouting

At each other in the street

Steaming drunk

One boiling, spoiling to fight

Pour it all out

Break it all down

Smash it up


The elder pulls him away

Looks for another bar

They can stop at for another drink

To slow things down. Stop. Think.


CLP 07/10/2020