on time

traffic accident
engine off, birdsong, fresh air
good to be alive


CLP 18/07/2022

on time

crash out, power down
just let the clock tick over
bounce back tomorrow


CLP 07/05/2022

on need

it cannot be found
through the bottom of a glass
for love nor money


CLP 18/09/2021

On the Beach

slipping on pebbles

this feels like treading water

yet gentle progress


CLP 18/08/2021

On Water L

if overwhelmed

put everything down, big breath

then go fill kettle


n.b. That’s it for ‘On Water’ for now, I feel the blog has reached saturation point with this theme and fifty is a good number to pause on. I will ensure to drip-feed more into the On Water series as I go. Thank you to everyone who has read, liked and commented on the series. Tomorrow sees the start of a new(ish) theme

CLP 28/05/2021

On Anxiety

What is going on?

Everything was under control

Now? I’m not so sure.


n.b. Hey, Life’s like that. Sometimes it’s best to just go with the flow.


CLP 21/03/2021

On Calm


of the inevitable;



CLP 27/09/2020

On the Road xxvi

Restlessness ceases

Traveller’s weary heart breathes

Grass soft underfoot


n.b. God bless her and all who sail in her.



Dawn chorus glitters

Gloom shifts; brightens, lightens, lifts

Sun glints off the key


n.b. Sometimes one word, in a haystack of conversation, is the missing needle that is sought.


CLP 19/05/2020

Head Wind

Nothing plays music

Swirl, swoosh, schwash air-sea rhythms

Shingle shifts on sand


CLP 03/03/2020