Camellias ii

Warmth of late August
Soaked into patio paving
Heats our tanned feet
You take my hand
Lead me back

To the shadowed lawn
Still compressed
Where we had been
Sculpting joy
The night before

A blackbird
(Hidden by heavy pink blooms)
Sang to us
Of eternal love
As Venus pierced
Night's deepening blue


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023. Day 30 prompt: a palinode.

This poem, I hope, balances the sadness of shadows implied previously.

This link gives some background on camellias and related symbolism of this ornamental tree..

And so we move deeper into 2023, a year that feels to be moving as fast as any I have ever lived. Adieu x

CLP 30/04/2023


Winter brings weak
Morning light late
Afternoons dark
Frost-shivered limbs

First sign of warmth
(Rain on the west wind)
Foliage thickens
Leaf litter laps the fence

Sticky buds unfold
Burst of pink
Petals un-scroll

Sudden brightness soon
Burnt by memories
Casting shadows
Across our lawn

Spectacular displayed
Vibrancy lasting
No longer
Than winter's sun


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023. Day 25 prompt. Love poem with flower, parenthesis and odd line breaks.

CLP 25/04/2023