On Playing xiv

There is a fine line

between right and wrong, you know?

I dare you She said


n.b. Sometimes the wider social rules are shifted to the personal. It is harder to persuade someone to do something than to not do something.

Step up: do the right thing.


CLP 27/01/2021

On 2020

Memorable year

One I would rather forget

Finally ends here


CLP 31/12/2020

On Losing (2)

When fear of defeat

becomes the motivation

the game is finished


n.b. One post about lost love and I get followed by a blog writer offering dating advice for men. Do I really come across as a bloke needing dating advice? I might write as if I am a little love worn, love lorn, slightly world weary, but give me a break; it’s been a long road and there’s still plenty of happy miles ahead and I have fuel in the tank. Thank you for the offer though, Dr. Love.


CLP 05/11/2020

On One

Is there any room

For one more on top? I ask

If not, I will walk


n.b. As a ten year old travelling to school I learned that the rush hour bus was often crowded, if not full. Walking on to the next stop, or even the one after next, meant that I had at least tried to change something for when the next bus came along.

It was usually raining.


CLP 13/11/2020

On Numbers -1

Some people frightened

World will fall out of bottoms

A tissue of lies


n.b. Looks like the toilet paper manufacturers are on a roll. This fixture in a local supermarket was cleared of toilet paper by the time I passed through.

One woman said to an acquaintance on her mobile phone as she stormed past me, “Good thing you went shopping this morning because everyone has been f..king pr..ks again!”

I thought how interesting it is that “everyone” was implicated by her in the great toilet paper clear out here prior to Lockdown 2. It is not the case that everyone is acting selfishly, but her language indicates a distrust of people in general and reflects a gradual weakening of trust between us all in the UK.

Will this second Lockdown be adhered to as well as the initial Lockdown? Are we now looking for someone to pass responsibility to for our own health onto others? Is Boris Johnson out of his depth? Who voted for this buffoon?

Can we fix a broken country in a crisis when using the ideology of the “free” market, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?


CLP 04/11/2020