on time

Don't count your chickens
they won't be bothered at all
they're not counting you


CLP 13/05/2022

Hen Party

Fine feathered friends

Consider destination

Eat here or move on?


n.b. It is often tricky getting a diverse group of acquaintances to stick to an itinerary. Someone voices an alternative, discussion ensues, original plans go to cock. Travelling solo has advantages, but for laughs an outing with your mates takes some beating.


n.n.b. The hens, with token male in tow, decided to head off to the open field next.


CLP 12/01/2020

Super Fluffy Animals

Boxed in hundreds

Cross country dawn travellers

Bright yellow chirps. Cheap.


n.b. Day old from the hatchery and making noise at a pitch that makes thinking difficult, the little creatures have been delivered to walk the earth, pick up grit for the crop and eat the grain crumbs before they are ready to be put out in the fields.

They cost about sixteen shillings and six pence each, if you were wondering, (67.5p in decimal currency for the younger reader).

n.n.b. Apologies to Welsh band, Super Furry Animals for the title of this blog post.


CLP 28/06/2019