on Ukraine

how low will he go?
the pied piper of Moscow
steals children from streets


n.b. ‘Re-education’ and ‘adoption’ awaits the children of Ukraine transported by the man behind the terror campaign against Ukraine’s people.

CLP 19/03/2023

on Iran

in the name of god
armed men chase, beat, punch and kill
defiant children

p.s. The Guardian of London reports that 58 protesting children, some as young as eight years, have been killed by the ‘Morality Police’ and their cadres, in the current freedom rallies.

One thing all children hold dear, is a sense of fairness. Any teacher of any year group, will confirm this to you. The children of Iran are no different.

Women. Life. Freedom.


CLP 20/11/2022

on Ukraine

where's the crime asking
How many children have died?
Moscow is the place


n.b. Marina Ovsyannikova has now had the Moscow police searching her family home for evidence of crimes. This is a witch hunt.

CLP 10/08/2022

on Ukraine

no children were harmed
in destruction of their school
had they learnt enough?


n.b. Was anyone paying attention to the children of Chechnya, or Syria when they raised their hands?

CLP 23/07/2022

on education

children of Texas
learn drills to escape shooters
law-makers profit
Mauripol children
learn Russian curriculum
teaching at gunpoint


n.b. In the USA the elephant in the classroom carries a gun because of a constitutional change way back in 1791. Surely it is time for a review of that blood-stained document?


In Ukraine the elephants are cancelling school holidays and forcing children to learn a new history, this time from a Russian perspective. This is according to Petro Andryushchenko, a city official of Mauripol, The Guardian news publisher in London reports.

CLP 27/05/2022

on gaslighting

I wrote to you
with my concerns and fears
for our collective future
(the children's too)
waited for your reply
I waited for you
to phone or call by
for a discussion
on how we might work it
I got your response
woven through my lines
you'd done everything
you could
I was grateful to be told
everything possible
was possible and was good
if everyone else does everything
that in your opinion they should


n.b. Are we employing the wrong people to run things? Why is it us not following their instructions, not them not listening?

Loving being back at work tbh; it’s a gas.

CLP 30/03/2022

on Ukraine vii

teachers train children
how to shelter under desks
essential life skills


n.b. Under the constant stress of invasion threat, imagine sending your child to school to be taught how to behave during a bombing run? Not unlike the USA, where children have to be taught how to respond to risk of mass shootings. While mankind learns nothing and continues to ‘profit’ from arms manufacture.

CLP 25/01/2022

On Numbers (x.3)

To be the father

of two gifted, healthy sons

needs their mother’s love


CLP 24/11/2020

On Numbers 1.36

Pursuit of the ¥en

Or something more, or much less?

Whither goes Japan?


n.b. Population growth and over population is a topic of current concern as a levelling off in the global number of homo sapiens is now predicted over the next generation or so.

Japan’s current government is considering funding IVF treatment for it’s young couples who may be struggling to conceive. The current birth rate in Japan is around 1.36 which is well below the replacement rate.

Where will they get the young people from to care for an ageing population? 25% of Japan’s population is aged over 65 years.

The fall in birth rate has been attributed in part by the Deputy Prime Minister to women choosing not to have children. He has been castigated for his simplistic and one-eyed male opinion on the data.

Perhaps women have paths to fulfilment other than producing Salarymen? Perhaps they have become Salarywomen (which is tellingly identified by this software as a spelling error)? Perhaps the way of the modern world is not an attractive prospect enough to carry a man’s seed before delivering babies to a climate disrupted, polluted, exploitative planet? Maybe Japanese couples have decided the time has come for the human species to move on and leave the planet to life better adapted to an aquatic environment?

In the short term immigration can solve the problem for ageing populations. Germany, Italy, France, CH and the UK (amongst other wealthier nations) face similar questions around population. Is it a problem?

We are discovering, as we peel off the layers, that money isn’t everything.


CLP 06/11/2020