on Ukraine

it had to happen
somebody counting dollars
questioning the cost


n.b. When the pile of green bits of paper gets so high, Capitol Hill echoes to the sounds of accountants at war, clashes more likely to end a conflict than any body count.

Should the pain, suffering and loss of life be agreed to be a profitable venture, then you can bet your last cent that support for Ukraine will be sustained.

This is evidenced by the domestic gun industry’s success in keeping in business, despite the horrific, daily loss of lives across the USA from the saturation of the domestic small arms market, or the continued existence of the cancer stick manufacturers.

CLP 01/03/2023

On Cigarettes

he announced I have given up!

six weeks and it’s rare I feel the lack

I knew just what he meant

having given up on us

but he omitted

how raw that rare

how this rare is more like blue

there is still a pulse

when the knife goes in

I twitch


CLP 25/07/2021