On 2020

Memorable year

One I would rather forget

Finally ends here


CLP 31/12/2020

On Numbers 4

Storm Eta we wait

For you to complete your dance

Before you spool east


n.b. This Category 4 hurricane has caused considerable damage in Nicaragua and is now moving towards Cuba and then onto the east coast of the USA.

While the results of the USA presidential election are being clarified, something more powerful than any man, stalks the Caribbean Sea, (again). It is estimated that at least 150 lives have been lost in this storm by the time of writing.


CLP 7th November, 2020

On Numbers 1.36

Pursuit of the ¥en

Or something more, or much less?

Whither goes Japan?


n.b. Population growth and over population is a topic of current concern as a levelling off in the global number of homo sapiens is now predicted over the next generation or so.

Japan’s current government is considering funding IVF treatment for it’s young couples who may be struggling to conceive. The current birth rate in Japan is around 1.36 which is well below the replacement rate.

Where will they get the young people from to care for an ageing population? 25% of Japan’s population is aged over 65 years.

The fall in birth rate has been attributed in part by the Deputy Prime Minister to women choosing not to have children. He has been castigated for his simplistic and one-eyed male opinion on the data.

Perhaps women have paths to fulfilment other than producing Salarymen? Perhaps they have become Salarywomen (which is tellingly identified by this software as a spelling error)? Perhaps the way of the modern world is not an attractive prospect enough to carry a man’s seed before delivering babies to a climate disrupted, polluted, exploitative planet? Maybe Japanese couples have decided the time has come for the human species to move on and leave the planet to life better adapted to an aquatic environment?

In the short term immigration can solve the problem for ageing populations. Germany, Italy, France, CH and the UK (amongst other wealthier nations) face similar questions around population. Is it a problem?

We are discovering, as we peel off the layers, that money isn’t everything.


CLP 06/11/2020

On Barley Yields in Norfolk, 2020

Without rains of spring

Fibrous, malnourished ripe crop

Heads of brewers’ droop


n.b. The beer industry may have to turn to farmers in Europe for grain, but OH! the UK has left the EU and talks are not going well.

Noses missing from faces! Not a good look. Another good reason to wear a face-mask, boys (for it is manly, private school boys who pushed for this isolation from our nearest and soon to be dearest, trading partners).

By the way chaps, where is the report on Russian interference in British politics? It awaits publication. Chop, chop!

Do look up Brewer’s Droop online if it is a new phrase to you. First I had heard of the phenomenon too 😇


CLP 09/07/2020

The Englishman’s Castle

Concentrated pile

Fortified, gated, moated

Easily besieged


n.b. Pull up the drawbridge and await fate. Castles became obsolete once knowledge of gunpowder, originating in China, spread worldwide.

With the power that came with this knowledge so widely distributed, new ways of living had to be found that were more cooperative, more inclusive and resulted in a more equitable distribution of wealth. This was not an easy path, nor a process willingly engaged in by aristocracies.

Today other forces are pulling on the walls of economic castles; climate disruption being the main one, but fear of viral illness another. New ways of living will need to be established.

n.n.b. I wrote and posted my blog post for today then found this article in today’s Guardian newspaper.

CLP 29/02/2020