On Barley Yields in Norfolk, 2020

Without rains of spring

Fibrous, malnourished ripe crop

Heads of brewers’ droop


n.b. The beer industry may have to turn to farmers in Europe for grain, but OH! the UK has left the EU and talks are not going well.

Noses missing from faces! Not a good look. Another good reason to wear a face-mask, boys (for it is manly, private school boys who pushed for this isolation from our nearest and soon to be dearest, trading partners).

By the way chaps, where is the report on Russian interference in British politics? It awaits publication. Chop, chop!

Do look up Brewer’s Droop online if it is a new phrase to you. First I had heard of the phenomenon too 😇


CLP 09/07/2020

The Englishman’s Castle

Concentrated pile

Fortified, gated, moated

Easily besieged


n.b. Pull up the drawbridge and await fate. Castles became obsolete once knowledge of gunpowder, originating in China, spread worldwide.

With the power that came with this knowledge so widely distributed, new ways of living had to be found that were more cooperative, more inclusive and resulted in a more equitable distribution of wealth. This was not an easy path, nor a process willingly engaged in by aristocracies.

Today other forces are pulling on the walls of economic castles; climate disruption being the main one, but fear of viral illness another. New ways of living will need to be established.

n.n.b. I wrote and posted my blog post for today then found this article in today’s Guardian newspaper.

CLP 29/02/2020


Fast runs the West Wind

Clouds straggle, trees pulled east

Umbrellas useless


n.b. Wrap up. Storm Dennis gathers strength as it approaches land.

“Umbrella” is rooted in Latin and the word for shade. This should make it clear that this implement is more of a shade than a shield. It is suitable for light rain in light breeze, not torrential downpours in Atlantic gales.

Best to get a decent bonnet for Storm Dennis and its followers.

CLP 14/02/2020

On Guard

Absolute madness

Police in UK list XR

As extremist group


n.b. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/10/xr-extinction-rebellion-listed-extremist-ideology-police-prevent-scheme-guidance

The non-violent climate activist movement Extinction Rebellion (XR) is open to all members of the public. School teachers are being briefed on how to spot XR extremism. For example, children absent from lessons in support of School Climate Crisis strikes. Many teachers support XR.


How are the promised 20,000 extra police officers getting on with combatting corporate tax fraud, money laundering and insider trading on stocks and shares?


The UK moves one more step closer to becoming a police state.

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CLP 10/01/2020

Nothing Matters (VII)

Icebergs calve and drift

Separation born with a crack!

Dissolves gently


n.b. We are free to make choices as adults. The child within cries out in pain. “Nothing in writing” I hear, as if a piece of paper is worth anything.


CLP 18/12/2019

Nothing Matters (VI)

Bubbling along

Without a care in the world

Ignorance is bliss

n.b. Street homeless, racism, violent crime, poverty, the 1%, addictions, outbreaks of disease, falling life expectancy, war, climate breakdown. “Nothing I can do about it” I hear. Is this true? I wonder.


CLP 18/12/2019