on time

shallow, shingle-banked
Severn trickles through Bridgenorth
gulls gather in pools


n.b. Whatever rain falls this week will be welcome. The sign is superfluous. How can there be fish here, where the mighty river, bordering Wales and England, runs as thin as a shroud across stony ground?

CLP 06/09/2022

on time

steel stick insects freeze
rigid frames, point out to sea
silent sentinels


n.b. Just when you though every last piece of land had been concreted over, along comes Monday and the cranes swing back into action.

CLP 22/08/2022

on rain

coming soon enough
fiercely beating the hard clay
raging in torrents


CLP 13/08/2022

on rain

we bemoan presence
your mild inconvenience
weep at absence


n.b. Notes, coins and electronic tokens in private water companies’ bank accounts are worth nothing when Nature’s reserves have been spent.

It is expected that a drought is to be declared in England today. July 2022 saw just 10% of average rain fall for the month, while August has seen close to none at all.

We search the skies for signs of rain. What next, rain dances, prayers?

CLP 12/08/2022

on heat

wonder at mankind
trains to Paris undersea
pylons lift cables
systems of power
connect us to each other
bind us to our fate


n.b. Standing here overlooking Rainham Marshes, watching another bloody sunset, you can hear the electricity cables crackle as they carry charge towards the City of London.

If you listen really carefully, you can hear the insane laughter of stockholders celebrating multi-billions of profits being divvied up by BP, Shell and a few other energy companies, while the Earth’s climate spins inexorably out of control.

Nearby at Wennington, the scenes are of burnt houses, charred trees, scorched earth. Scenes familiar to residents of France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, California. What more proof does this once green and pleasant land need that things have changed, that we must change?

People blithely talk of access to air-conditioning, not aware that more energy is now used on such cooling equipment in summer than that used in winter to heat us. It is we who are being conditioned by the air.

Things have changed. Something’s gotta change.

CLP 04/8/2022

on time

hear that? rain's patter
streaked, dusty window, cool air
grass barely alive


CLP 26/07/2022

on grass

without rain for weeks
cricket fields lose colour
outfield now glass

n.b. Batsmen love it.

CLP 24/07/2022

on time

we have had warning
so how long have we got now
starting yesterday


n.b. This joke isn’t funny anymorethe warm weather, I mean.

CLP 22/07/2022

on the wing

someone is happy
heat from south draws up insects
squeal of swifts sweep roofs


n.b. What joy in the tearaway swooping of young swifts playing tag in between the chimney pots!

CLP 16/07/2022

on light

jeepers! steady on!
you do realise it's March?
get back in your box!!!


n.b. We can talk climate disruption, or turn on the air-con. You choose.

CLP 23/03/2022