on light

stay with us for now
each night brings its own demons
brushed across heaven


CLP 13/07/2022

on the wind

fast-paced script demands
multiple set changes
invisible stage hands


n.b. Five / six / six syllables.

CLP 07/02/2022

on light

unfurled, stretched to full
width of sky, net curtain drawn
mirrors thinning wake


n.b. Our movement is not without a footprint, not without being marked by a wake.

CLP 30/01/2022

On Clouds

paint your own picture

or draw your own conclusions

aircraft carrier


CLP 07/08/2021

On Water xxi

soil crumbled to dust

decorous clouds braid sunset

prayers for rain dissolve


CLP 29/04/2021

On Grey / On Gray

Start with grey and then

add more grey. In the right light

grey’s quite beautiful


CLP 08/03/2021

On the Rise ii

Hot pockets bubble

Steamy accumulations

Form, swell; fit to burst


n.b. There’s a lot of it about.


CLP 18/08/2020

On High

Clouds form on warm air

Raptors spiralling upwards

Buzzards high as kites


n.b. A wonderful scene. Two red kites circling up from the recently mowed field on an updraft. Far above, just visible to the naked eye, three buzzards on a carousel of rising warm air, their random calls of “ke-whee” carrying across the Glaven valley.

The photograph catches the light, not the graceful flight paths of these big birds, nor indeed the birds, but they were there.

The day clouded over and rain came later.


CLP 15/07/2020