on time

stretching across paths
shadows mark summer's decline
extra bed covers


n.b. It’s definitely cooler in the evening, but still praying for rain.

CLP 28/08/2022

on spring

after bright warm day
night still comes in winter clothes
no allowances


n.b. It was nippy walking home tonight!

CLP 24/03/2022

on light

horizon betrays
merciless advance of night
colour drains from sky


CLP 18/03/2022

on light

is this Italy?
pine trees, clear sky, sickle moon?
yucca's frost needles


n.b. Come, take me away from here! To Italy for spring showers, steaming pavements and warmth of the morning sun.


CLP 04/02/2022

on the wind

night-long low moaning
twists curtain, clicks doors' catches
snake licks round bedroom


n.b. It has been a quiet winter so far out here in East Anglia’s hilly city, but now the wind is getting involved, stirring the pot, dragging the cold air with it through the streets like an impatient parent leading a tardy child to the school gate.

CLP 27/01/2022


November has been mild, again
we're not used to the cold anymore
this is how it should be
how it always was before
I said that the leaves had more colour
dropped sooner, quicker, more completely
than last year
my friend couldn't remember
who would?
normal is just what we're used to now
not what went before
we older ones recall
picking blackberries after school
when summer stretched only to September
now we can eat blackberries from hedges
after Bonfire Night
when Christmas consumes the TV
and geese fly in from the east
in gaggles of grey clouds


CLP 22/11/2021

on leaves

they have fallen sooner this year
and faster than last autumn
covering paths, slicking up roads
laying on the Wensum's thin skin
betraying the tide
creeping under Carrow bridge
sailing counter to the current
tonight will be clear
the plane trees flaking bark
boughs shorn of dressing
have nothing to deflect falling frost
can no longer carry the weight of murderous cold
that pours from the stars
submerging underpasses, flooding shop doorways


CLP 17/11/2021

On the Roof

in shorts and t-shirts

all but seven days ago

swallows presaged snow


CLP 07/04/2021

L3 (Day 72): Three Score

What a day of light to enjoy before this year’s Spring Equinox.

Even before I drew back my bedroom curtains the day sounded sunny. The air was soft. The birdsong sharp. The sound of passing cars subdued.

It has been a delight to get outside and walk on more open ground by the Yare, once again running within its banks after the winter floods. On the lower land beyond its slight embankments are large pools of standing water decorated by gulls, swans and mallards. These small, shallow lakes will take a while to seep into the saturated clay soil.

Norfolk has already passed the point of equinox as today enjoyed twelve hours and eight minutes from sunrise to sunset.

Now to turn up the temperature in this godforsaken Frigidaire of a county!


CLP 19/03/2021

L3(Day 63): Outside

Some fool left their gloves in the lobby after doing up their walking boots.

Had a lovely walk to Whitlingham Broad in the rain. Wind was cold. I could have done with my gloves.


CLP 10/03/2021