Shangri La

Fictional land of peace and perpetual happiness
Bones, cuts, burns
Shattered ring of steel and splintered lives
Gated, armed guards rendered, armless
Brochure of fictional happiness shredded

City of dreaming spires that prick at clouds
Oxen driven through the swollen Isis
Knee-deep, matted coats drag over the chalk bed
Reeds cling to hooves as maudlin maidens’ hungry hands
Reaching out to imagined lovers’ loins

Names put down for gated schools
Grandfathers’ rights and legacies
Life traced from expectant birth
Privileged few offer life-limiting choices; too many
Raised voices echo back from the gilded ceilings

Sand grains turn to liquid become glass
Shards rip through silk and cotton
Tattered shirts form nooses
Ripped banknotes flutter heavenward
Multiplication, subtraction and ultimately division. Day 21 prompt: Surrealistic poem or Realism or actuality

CLP  21/04/2019