Incoming Email (after WH Auden’s ‘Night Mail’)

Ping! This is the email crossing the globe

Bringing a virus and an online fraud


Text-rich content, images slowly downloading

Key-board warriors and echo chamber goading


Pulling out aggressive pop-ups every time

No escape from a heart-broken ex never offline


Past the junk filter and block sender lists

Nonsense from your father who only writes when pissed


Consent to accept check boxes for terms and conditions

Please send money after signing charity petitions


Then there’s the spam via security compromised friend

Inbox always receiving more than replies you can send


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Twenty Three answer back / respond to a poem. Does this count? WH Auden’s Night Mail.


CLP 23/04/2021 (Shakespeare will be spinning in his grave).

Distant Relations


Lines stretch over sea and land

Lost messages break hearts