on romance

best left unspoken
company, comfort, laughter
more precious than gold


n.b. There is too much said, too often. We all risk becoming amateur psychologists. Is it not better to go with the flow? I am a slow learner, I fear, but keen to learn.

n.n.b. I just realised my picture contains two flotation rings…try not to read anything into that, nor to the fact it’s a picture taken on a ferry across a wide river, nor that I had to pay the lone ferryman for two souls to be transported to the far bank…

CLP 04/04/2022

on gratitude

no moment wasted
beautiful companion
bring on tomorrow


CLP 22/01/2022

L-plates ii

you no passenger
I hold my breath fearful of
emergency stop


CLP 23/08/2021

On Water ii

a simple pleasure

just being ferried abroad

afloat beside you


CLP 11//04/2021

On Pleasure viii

Smiles unseen but heard

Kisses welcomed and returned

Hands au naturel


CLP 09/09/2020