on sound

I couldn't hear you
there was too much background noise
spouting from my mouth


n.b. “Say something once, why say it again?” sang David Byrne with Talking Heads.

A young couple were arguing on the train yesterday, not loudly, nor demonstratively. “I don’t want an argument.” he said. “You’re not listening to me.” She said. He moved to another carriage.

It’s not always easy communicating important stuff

CLP 05/06/2022

on time

with never enough
we have decisions to make
choose to love; choose us


n.b. Are we not social creatures? If so, why are charlatans getting rich promoting the ‘I, me, my, mine’ agenda? Time is all we have, love is all we need.

CLP 02/06/2022

on tenderness

this lives somewhere within and between us
exists not without, cannot survive alone
forms around us, surely not beyond us
fear not the performance, fear not the act
does time and place and circumstance persist
to permit retrieval of such gentleness?


CLP 24/05/2022

on colour

pretty, isn't it?
yellow with a tint of red
opening petals


CLP 17/05/2022

on fear

does everything change?
is it for better or worse
or is life affirmed?


n.b. How do we decide, by taking the opportunity, or by taking a risk?

CLP 03/05/2022

on time

it is all we have
yesterday is not today
we shape tomorrow


n.b. The hands of time are in our hands, the sands of time run through our fingers.

CLP 02/05/2022

on time

Is there any plan?
Does there have to be a plan?
River gently flows


CLP 02/05/2022


It started with a kiss
it was uncalled for

you called me out
who was I to dare lean in?

how dare I presume intimacy
your anger gave you voice

your voice at last had found you
you had plenty that you had to say

plenty more to come when that was said
generations of mothers spoke through you

what these mothers spoke was truth
previously subdued, suppressed

the suppressed at last free to express
it started with a kiss


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Twenty-seven prompt: write a duplex.

This poem has a history, it is a history in a poem. I am ever grateful for what this kiss taught me, the voice it brought forth.

I hope that it is not too obscure for the general reader.

CLP 27/04/2022


you held my hand
in the crowd
I led you gently

we walked through Saturday
saw the city
opening like tulips

we shared our food
in Brick Lane

you slept
on the train
head on my shoulder

it felt like love
tasted like love
looked like love


CLP 24/04/2022

on time

Sunday afternoon
Rod Stewart murdering Bob's
'Mama, you've been on my mind'
my slow Guinness cool
as a mountain stream
just like the advert for menthol cigarettes said
days expanding, crocuses sprout
headlights splash through puddles
and yes, you're on mine
but I've already forgotten when
in April your birthday is