on democracy

no race to the post
half a crown can still be bought
if not a kingdom


n.b. At what point does a democracy become a chumocracy? Donations from the uber-wealthy buy access to Downing Street. This is no clowning matter; the UK is run by gangsters. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QQGxNIyks6s

on Orion

as our axis tilts
winter encroaches upon us
tightening of belts


n.b. Plague Island; taxing the many, openly corrupt, out in the cold.


CLP 04/11/2021

on Switzerland iv

meet ten people
two work anti-corruption
mountains of money


n.b. Catherine Belton’s book “Putin’s People” mentions Switzerland (and London) frequently. She and the publishers are subject to a number of libel suits in London at present. We’ll see how that pans out.

CLP 27/09/2021

On Manners

Greased hinges open

No Where from? Nor How come so?

But You’re most welcome


n.b. How would you spend your millions?

Discretion, courtesy, stability and security, all are important elements of polite society.

I once met a Swiss investment advisor, (let’s call him Eric) who explained to me that these are also the four characteristics of Switzerland that attract his clients from Russia, Malta, Turkey, South Africa and Israel to invest in his country.

He was most disparaging of the chaotic state of the United Kingdom and the disruptive elements in Parliament who might ask awkward questions about where wealth originates. These questions might challenge his clients to explain their sources of income. Such a naïve approach to inbound investment in the UK allows him to successfully promote the attractions of the Confederation Helvetica.

Little does Eric know about the UK. We are open for business!


The article names three well-known private schools in the UK that profit from criminal income sources. These schools still hold charitable status in the UK, despite being beneficiaries of corruption and crime. The report above states the sums involved amount to around £3m. They certainly are charitable when it comes to offering school places to global society’s waifs and strays.

I asked Eric where he spent his holidays. Modestly he told me that he only takes a few days each year, usually visiting friends in Moscow. His shirt was impossibly white, (I remember thinking at the time, who cleans his shirts?).


n.n.b. Transparency International is based in Berlin and is doing invaluable work highlighting where dirty money goes to get laundered. There are offices of this organisation around the world, including in London https://www.transparency.org.uk

CLP 23/10/2019