on time

what hour can this be?
moonlit apple orchard limbs
rookery's dawn croaks


n.b. The mechanical measure of time slips into insignificance when daylight is secondary to moonlight. The corvids, atop the high trees, will let you know when it’s time to move.

CLP 08/01/2022

on time

furrowed brow of hill
autumn's celestial blue
alarmed crows take flight


n.b. One of Norfolk’s redundant churches, St Peter’s, Corpusty. It is said to have Norman elements, possibly even Saxon. It hosts an annual service for the Friends of Friendless Churches.

The tree to the left of picture hosts a rookery of argumentative corvids.

CLP 18/10/2022

on life

sparrow hawk attack
cacophony of squealing
rookery alerted


n.b. The most remarkable sight of a sparrow hawk trying to drag a jackdaw to a plucking post. The prey nearly the same size as the hawk, makes things awkward, unbalancing the flight and managing to drop to the ground in the pub garden. The sparrow hawk does not tarry, seen off noisily by the other corvids raised from the surrounding trees by the alarm.

CLP 01/09/2022

L3 (Day 53): On Treetops

In majestic beeches

corvids settle on where to nest

on who will take the crown

before the opening of calyx


CLP 28/02/2021


Clouds of oily birds

Floated down from the pine clump

Shadowed the low field


Cows and calves bemused

At pasture blackened with crows

Jackdaws and bleak rooks


Settled frozen still

Hundreds came and stood alert

For movement of soil


The gloomy flock stirred

Disturbed by wind-blown phantom

Hung on breaths of wind


Returned as a shroud

For emergent May Bug grubs

From rain-soaked soil


CLP 04/07/2020