on memory

good place to walk dog
'net tells us legacy of
soldiers and miners


n.b. Public park built on land in South Moor donated by local colliery owners to commemorate hundreds of men from the district of Stanley, County Durham who died in C20th wars and a mining accident.

Dog leads weave like ivy on old trees. Life goes on.

CLP 24/01/2022

on time

houses for workers
became homes of unemployed
miles from anywhere


n.b. Not much going on in the old pit villages, unless you can afford a car. As you can see, not many cars, although one has an L-plate. Too many places in England have been built over the years out on a limb, so when the work goes the people become isolated.

Will the Internet and working from home technology bring decent wages back to the hills?


CLP 22/01/2022