On Numbers (ChAdOx1 nCov-19)

Vaccination known

by this code offers us hope

don’t forget the cost


n.b. Not a number as much as a label for the latest vaccine that is thought to be able to generate antibodies and T cells that will adapt to protect most of us from Covid-19.

The numbers are important: the 1 denoting the first iteration of the this vaccine, the 2019 indicating that it is a vaccine pertinent to the 2019 variant of a Covid coronavirus. We are advised to beware that these numbers will change as new vaccines will have to be developed as coronaviruses adapt and evolve over coming years.

What is most interesting is that the way the immunologists have identified the structure of this coronavirus and worked to use this knowledge in combination with understanding of the human immune system to find what might be an effective response to this coronavirus, which mirrors findings in Germany and the USA.

I have to add that the volunteers who take part in these trials are just as important to the success of this work as the scientists. It strikes me as a brave thing to do in this time of need. Thank you all.

Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54993652

CLP 19/11/2020

Day 5

The first sounds in the grey before light come from a crow; three croaky caws that disturb a pheasant.

The wind has swung round again. Now from the south-east with bitterness unabated, it takes all the heat from the air. Sky is blue; the Sun piercing bright.

In early afternoon, up on the track, two leggy hinds pick their way through the boundary hedges before bounding off across the dry hillside.

A pair of hares race at full pelt down the slope of the next dusty field, disturbing fifty fat pigeons pecking at the harrowed soil.

A trio of red kites float over the beech trees, drawing wide, lazy circles on the breeze.

Ducks on the salt marsh scrapes feed relentlessly. Geese are becoming restless as the time approaches when they return to their summer breeding grounds. Pee-wits perform acrobatic tricks on the wind while making noises reminiscent of static interference on a night-time wireless show.

By bedtime weariness simplifies our night-time parting. Sleep comes swiftly once the RAF jet’s echo has rolled away.


CLP 22/03/2020

Voluntary Closures: Government Hides from Reality

The UK government chooses weasel words to encourage changes in behaviour without showing any sign of leadership and without taking responsibility for the population.

The talk of talks with businesses ignores a simple fact, businesses are legal entities, not real people. If a firm goes into shutdown because of lost trade, or because of the government request for voluntary closures, the workers get sent home. The workers need to eat and drink, not the businesses.

Rent and mortgages must be suspended. A universal income must be paid out. Workers are being laid off, not because they are ill, but because the businesses are closing voluntarily. This is businesses doing the right thing. The workers, not unwell, are then bereft of income because of the Corona virus. They then must qualify for support.

If it was a traditional war soldiers would be conscripted, clothed, paid, housed, fed and armed without question. This is a different form of war. The workers are on the frontline. They need feeding, housing.

Time to think about the people, not the businesses, unless the firm is involved in the manufacture and distribution of food and essential materials.

CLP 17/03/2020

Like Christmas Eve

Not the brushing of hair, best clothes

Glass of sherry before Midnight Mass

Walk to church under the frosted stars and a slice of moon

Not the quiet time listening to carols on Radio 3

Wrapping presents, piling them under the tree

Not a light meal ahead of the gorging of Christmas Day.

Not these delights, no.


Car park full. No shopping trolleys to hand

Broken down boxes in metal cages blocking the aisles

Parents with children dragging behind

Barren shelves, bar the odd crumpled tin

Chaos at the check-outs, not enough staff

No pasta, no toilet rolls, no hand sanitiser

Flustered staff, all good manners drained

Sick of re-stating that tomorrow’s delivery might carry the stock

No promises, no guarantees

Just like Christmas Eve, but without the joy.


n.b. Corona virus panic buying in full swing I hear.

There is a charity box on Albert Road, Southsea which carries a message, “Give what you can. Take what you need.” We live in hope that the essence of these words filters through.

CLP 15/03/2020