L3 (Day 47.5): Norwich

I was shocked and somewhat disappointed to learn that my neighbour, in the apartment below, has only had his heating on for a total of two days this whole and quite cold winter! How selfish can you get? No wonder it’s been chilly up here. I was relying on the tight-fisted so-and-so to keep me warm and save me some money.


CLP 22/02/2021

L3 (Day 38): In The Air

No such thing as the

wrong weather. I have been told

Just wrong clothes? Really?


n.b. Several people I know have stopped watching, listening and reading the news. I think, we might as well add the weather forecast to the D-Notice list.

But Hey! I’m sure we’ll cope!


CLP 14/02/2021

L3 (Day 37): Thorpe St. Andrew

Another day when temperatures have not climbed much above zero centigrade. Bearable for a short cycle ride until turning into the easterly wind bowling in off the North Sea. Surprisingly chilly and not a day for diving in the River Yare like this Canada Goose did when I walked by.

New infections have started to fall in the UK and the number of people dying from Covid-19 and its mutations is decreasing. However, another 758 people were added to the casualty list today. The records are maintained by the Office For National Statistics.

The cold weather has probably encouraged people to stay indoors and not mix as much as they might, so this natural encouragement of the third lockdown’s strictures, may be a blessing. Combine this with the usual cut back in socialising after the Christmas and New Year festivities and maybe we have reason to be more optimistic now about getting infections down to manageable levels.

In New South Wales, Australia no new cases were declared in the morning of 13th February, 2021. The population of NSW is estimated at 8.1 million people. Zero sounds pretty manageable.

Meanwhile the UK vaccination programme is making progress, although what works against which variant of Covid-19 is still being determined.


CLP 12/02/2021

L3 (Day 28): At the Window

Another day of tears. A venerated old man died along with one thousand, four hundred and forty-eight other UK victims of the pandemic. Tomorrow Will Be Good Day is the title of his book.

With that hope in my heart I withdraw from this one.


CLP 02/02/2021