On Sleep

I lost count of sheep

couldn’t quantify cattle

quietly slipped off


CLP 20/06/2021

On Dreams xiv

to activate dreams

start by counting cows then sheep

then feed fresh born lambs

n.b. I have skipped ‘On Dreams xiii’ for now.


CLP 19/05/2021

The Three Little Pigs

Pig 1: “Look guys

If we keep a low profile

All the heat will be on the cows”


Pig 2: “Methane producing flatulants!”


Pig 3: “I thought they were ruminants?”


Pig 1: “No, that’s the owls.

They do all the thinking.”


n.b. The methane producing capacity of cows is not as serious as it has been promoted, so I understand.

The whole question of climate change and bovine methane output is a distraction from the generation of air pollution from motor vehicles. The carcinogenic properties of diesel smuts have been masked for years. Turning attention to farm animals and the farming industry takes focus from burning fossil fuels. I am not saying agriculture is perfect, but when it comes to poisonous gas production we have to look at automobiles, aircraft and shipping.

Who started this? Where did the media get the story about cattle and methane? Who funded the ‘studies’?

CLP 06/12/2019


In the Mist

August, not autumn

Yet heavy dew at sunrise

Cows float on carpets


CLP 03/08/2019