on Friday night

with dance macabre
we laugh at the masque of death
play Russian roulette


n.b. What on Earth is going on?

CLP 23/10/2021

On dancing

one, two three, one, two
free me from expectation
and let's hit the floor


CLP 03/09/2021

The Dancer

in this moment I saw you
impressed upon the sheet of heaven
your wings
lifting you above all
that ever bound you here


CLP 30/08/2021

Dream #8

Music stops

everyone dances one step more

before realising what’s occuring

mad rush to chairs

enough for us all


CLP 02/06/2021

Star Dancer And Her School Of Dance (Francis Picabia) 1913

One, two, three, four!

And step! And stretch! And jump! And turn!

We step, then stretch, then jump, then turn

Split-sole jazz shoes in unison

First pat, then slide, then glide, then twist

And step! And stretch! And jump! And turn!

We lunge, then lean, then leap, then shift

Our heads held high, our movement brisk

Our thoughts, actions, bodies are hers

And step! And stretch! And jump! And turn!

Our faces set to concentrate

Sinuous limbs, feel lithe, alive

So long solo, now we this troupe

And step! And stretch! And jump! And turn!

In public park, ‘ neath cherry trees

Pink blossoms sprinkle tarmac court

Doors and windows of school still closed

And step! And stretch! And jump! And turn!

Birds watch, then call, alarmed by us

At practice at dawn in cool spring air

We are again set free to learn

To step! And stretch! And jump! And turn!

To step! And stretch! And jump! And turn!

To step! And stretch! And jump! And turn!

And rest! Three, four. And take a breath.


n.b. Prompted by Na/GloPoWriMo 2021 to find inspiration in a painting held in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of in New York City, I chose:

Star Dancer And Her School of Dance (1913) by Francis Picabia

Christopher Perry

31st March, 2021

On Ballet / Football

With grace, strength, agility

running, leaping, stretching

a staged performance

coached to perform

Our instrument is our body

The ball, decisions

freedom to play

without fear


n.b. Quoting Carlos Acosta, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Tony Cliss, The Posh and The Alex. Football is unscripted drama, an art in itself.


CLP 28/02/2021

Playing Now

Every now and then

I find an album that I can’t

Stop playing. Repeat.


n.b. One in an occasional and sporadic series of posts about great music. I offer you Tame Impala, ‘The Slow Rush’. Fabulous!

CLP 13/10/2020

On the Floor

At last, the last dance

Fumbled requests, mute replies

Music slow, hearts frantic


n.b. Remember the youth club, or school disco? Nightmare scenario. Boys on one side of the hall, girls dancing around handbags. Then, with just a few minutes before the lights would go up, the DJ would put on something like “Nights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues and the excitement or embarrassment of asking for a dance, being asked to dance and possibly having a slow dance would begin, leaving the wallflowers and perpetually tongue-tied watching on in a confusion of emotions ranging from relief to frustration.

CLP 17/03/2019

On the do-si-do

Clumsy our feet clump

Upon the polished floor

Smiles greet each new arm


CLP 23/11/2018