Time #2

robin, sparrow, pigeon

motorway, next door’s children

blue sky, white walls, dawn bright

silver birch shine, heat of sheet

sourness of sweat, weight of limb

heavy head, weary heart

click of clock, click of clock

click of clock, laughing gull


CLP 16/06/2021

On Water xxxiii

humidity change

softens the blackbird’s sharp song

permeates morning


CLP 10/05/2021

L3 (Day 44): Early Morning

Woken by the first alarm calls at territorial intrusions, alerts and disputes of airspace and protection of nests at 04:45h.

Then disturbed again at 05:17h by shouting from a distant street. A man’s raised voice echoes through the break of day. Again from closer at 05:32, yet still a way from here. Is he heard by others? What ails him? It sounds like anger.

Is he wandering the city alone? Is someone else at risk? How did this start? How will it end, as it must?


CLP 19/02/2021

On Waking

From night’s dark places

Eyes open to a new day



CLP 06/02/2021

On Anger ii

Crows call Sun to work

Gently she lifts night’s compress

Its work now near done


CLP 19/09/2020

On Anger

Cool autumnal dawn

Illuminates dark corners

Pigeons’ soft greetings


CLP 18/09/2020

On the Rise

Bright, brighter, brightest

Venus tows Moon to zenith

Weary Sun awakes


CLP 17/08/2020

On Time

Stay awake. Awake!

Fearful sleep steals precious hours

Tomorrow’s dawn looms


CLP 24/03/2020


Squabble of starlings

Tumble on night’s dawn-blessed gifts

Furious wings flash


CLP 16/03/2020

From the East

Cool pale sheet of light

Shrouds our soon forgotten dreams

Wakes tuneless sparrows


n.b. Tuneless or not, I love sparrows. Adaptable, hard working with a GSOH. My kind of bird.

CLP 01/02/2020