on time

brief visit ends
you cannot wait to be seen
depart in silence


CLP 02/08/2022

on time

sunrise to sunset
witnessed from my work station
daylight flashes by


CLP 26/01/2022

on light

tune into new day
Sun tweaks its colour settings
birdsong audible


n.b. Without the dampening affect of full foliage the morning is a pretty noisy time of day, particularly now that there is no lockdown in England and traffic on the bypass and into the city centre is increasingly heavy.


CLP 12/01/2022


startling trilling song
a pair of wrens exchanging rapidly delivered melodies
the first on buddleja behind the old brick wall
filling the levelled yard with song
opposite the old wharf-side warehouses
its opposite sat bowing the tip of the lone fir
calling up the Sun from behind the wood
clumped along the ridge
where tonight the calls of owls will conjure up the Moon


CLP 23/12/2021

on birdsong

frost feathers windscreens
sharp lunarian light
blackbird's confusion


n.b. City living can be exhausting, not least when an excess of light blurs night with day. Birdsong can be heard at all hours, under a clear sky when a full moon rises.


CLP 22/12/2021

on morning

colour brings out shape
shape becomes solidity
scene set for day's play


CLP 14/12/2022

on the Moon

drowned in street lighting
giving up her fight with man
another day gone


n.b. The waning crescent slips barely noticed below the horizon. Here just visible above the retail park roof, just to the right of the lamp.

CLP 08/11/2021

on the island

caught against a wall
colour diluted by headlights
fox trotting through town


n.b. Foxes in Portsmouth scavenge by night, gulls by day.

CLP 06/10/2021

August v

strange shapes form at dusk

fears and imaginings clash

night sharpens its claws


CLP 12/08/2021

Dream #15

spangled moonless night

retreats from black to blue

I spin towards dawn grateful

sleep’s re-hash of ancient noire

will be rubbed out

by exposure to the Sun


CLP 09/06/2021