on silence

so, men with uniforms
badges and guns waited
for other men
with uniforms, badges and guns
to come to the rescue?
do you know the children's rhyme
of the old woman who swallowed a fly
then swallowed a spider, a bird and a cat
a dog and a goat, a cow and a horse after that?


CLP 28/05/2022

On Mortality

i yawn

swallow a fly

this random occurrence



CLP 11/08/2021

Dream #23

unable to speak

shouts stifled at source

legs bound, arms held

this is not what I came for

how do I wake myself

when so constrained by sleep?

will it end like this?

drowned in white light?

in silence?


CLP 20/06/2021

On Fear

were this heart to cease

tonight it would die happy

love lives without fear


CLP 13/05/2021


CLP 13/05/2021

In Stone

What’s the price of peace?

From this small village two men.

Duty paid in full.


n.b. In the churchyard of St. Margaret of Antioch, Cley-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk.

W. Porter, Sapper No. 31585

31st January, 1915


G. Mellor, Sapper No. 6743

6th April, 1915


CLP 23/03/2021