L3 (Day 28): At the Window

Another day of tears. A venerated old man died along with one thousand, four hundred and forty-eight other UK victims of the pandemic. Tomorrow Will Be Good Day is the title of his book.

With that hope in my heart I withdraw from this one.


CLP 02/02/2021

Lockdown 3 (Day 21) Postscript

To cap a suitably mournful day the UK has now lost over 100,000 people to coronavirus, (source: Public Health England).

Still there is discussion around shutting the airports, ports and the Channel Tunnel to all but the food and materials we need.

Take a moment to reflect on that figure again: 100,162 dead people due to coronavirus.


CLP 26/01/2021

On Numbers (1,162)

Oh My! This is bad

Each one a human being

May they rest in peace


n.b. Dark days indeed. Read this article published online by The Guardian today to try and get a grip on what the hospital teams have to deal with…clapping for them is an irrelevance. This is a disaster.


CLP 07/01/2021

Content Warning

I warned you

it was a picture of a blue tit

on a plucking post

so was taken aback

when you complained of it being

colourfully dead, guts excised


Sparrowhawks don’t piss about

they have needs to feed and be fed

but don’t we all?

so why did you complain I’d misled?

it was a plucking post

where life, death and shit happens

as you now know


CLP 20/12/2020

On Numbers (33)

Rank, name, regiment

Embossed in memoriam

“The Great War” claimed them


n.b. It is interesting how “The Great War” is generally thought of having ended in 1918. On this memorial the dates are clearly marked 1914 ~ 1919. The discrepancy may be due to deaths occurring in Russia, where Allied forces were sent to fight Lenin’s Bolsheviks in support of the White Russians.


CLP 16/11/2020