On Water

Inundation flows

finds a level then settles

serene water fowl


n.b. Today a bitter northerly brought snow to the air and pushed the tide higher, so that the rivers spilled into low pasture, ducks, geese and swans followed.


CLP 05/04/2021

L3: Day 58 (Wensum Park)

Swans gather by the park. A grandfather with the little ones of his family distributing bread. Ducks and gulls collect on the water, not forgetting sparrows on the river bank. Sparrows, love ’em!


CLP 05/03/2021

On the Canal

Unusual duck

Beak long, slender and hooked

Goosander – female.


n.b. The Goosander is also known as the Common Merganser, but it is not that common. I saw this female on the canal when walking towards Little Bloxwich.

It is a duck, longer than a mallard with a lower profile when on the water. The goodander has a distinctive fluffed back to its head and its beak is as described above. All seems well-suited to hunting under water amongst reeds and around rocks, or indeed around sunken shopping trollies, traffic cones and bits of discarded furniture.


CLP 26/03/2019