on time

we approach halfway
between summer and winter
night prepares her cloak


n.b. Autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere in 2021 falls around 23rd September.

CLP 21/09/2021

On Water xxxix

awe inspiring thought

oceans deeper than mountains

well over my head


CLP 16/05/2021

On Water xvii

lunatic repetition

tide in, tide out, back and forth

set your clock by it

n.b. Imagine if we had time pieces attuned to the tides, not set from Greenwich Meridian; would we be more sensitive to our planet’s music?

CLP 25/04/2021

On Earth

Night’s shadow climbs hill

fills in hollows, outlines trees.

Sun ignites heaven.


CLP 16/03/2021



she pulls at the watery cloth

tied tight to shore

although it shifts at anchor

it will not come free

so she cannot hide her arid face

from a world that won’t stop

spinning, cannot pause while there

is still a breath of air


CLP 18/02/2021

On Numbers (30)

It is but a month

Winter Solstice approaches

Darkness leads to Light


CLP 21/11/2020

On Autumn

Today it begins

Half and half before the dark

And cold returns here


CLP 22/09/2020

On Daynight

As eyes gently close

Earth maintains steady motion

Spins tomorrow’s dreams


CLP 22/07/2020

On High

Comet lights path

Between deep space and our star

We remain Earth bound


n.b. I would include a picture, but it’s overcast at the moment, so this shot features the sunrise on 21st June, 2020 here, on the north coast of East Anglia.

CLP 18/07/2020


Hysterical times

Switch right off, take hold of Time

Listen to the Earth


CLP 26/04/2020