on Ukraine

consider profits
manufacturers' heaven
economic boom


n.b. Does the UK government truly want to support the Ukrainian people, or does it see ‘leading the West’ as an instant way to boost the post-covid, post-Brexit economy?

The promised £1 billion of support goes not to Kyiv, but to arms factories in UK. Ukraine gets the weapons, fights the fight, continues to bury its children, (as do Russia’s mothers).

Is this why there is no talk of talks from the besieged of Downing Street?

Russia must be stopped, but who seeks an end to the slaughter? Does this proxy war have to be fought until the last Ukrainian?

Or must this war become a direct confrontation, risking mutual mass destruction, for it to be halted?

The Cuban missile crisis and the Berlin airlift took that risk. Just arming Ukraine prolongs the agony, puts off the inevitable moment, when Russian soldiers stand face-to-face with NATO soldiers, either in Ukraine, or at its border.

When will someone stand up to the bully? Why is the child being repeatedly told, stand up for yourself, we’ll hold your coat? Martyrs of Hungary and Czechoslovakia know how this turns out.

Is Russia’s alleged poor weaponry, still too great a match for suit-wearing, vote-needy politicians? Politicians who see money in war and hope for votes from money?

Day 141, the start of week 21. Ker-ching! Can you hear the cash register?

CLP 16/07/2022

on the beach

down to the seaside
ice lollies, buckets and spades?
nowt but a dumb flag


CLP 26/06/2022


Mid-July, with public houses now reopened

We chose to ignore the government behest

That we risk our health and that of those we love

In the company of strangers for the sake of the economy

And instead took our bottles and cigarettes

Bought from the corner shop for economy’s sake

To the kitchen table

Where we privately drank and smoked ourselves sick


CLP 09/07/2020