on light

blue, white, electric
blue, purple, everything shifts
colour in lightning


n.b. Whoa!!! Dr. Frankenstein would be firing up his monsters in legions tonight.

CLP 05/09/2022

electricity on

strung out                  isolated
hearts insulated from shock

reconnect to grid


n.b. When it gets really cold, the power lines still buzz, crackle, remain alive. Is the danger inherent in reconnection worth the risk? Can we live without that vital spark?

CLP 09/02/2022

On Water v


flows in currents like water

perfect conductor


CLP 14/04/2021

On Knowing

All the sky’s power

conducted to Earth down this

narrow metal strip


n.b. As soon as I saw it I knew what it was. I was struck by the fact that I had not been this close to a lightning conductor before, yet eventually recognised it for what it was, not unlike Love.


CLP 15/03/2021

Now Live

On both sides of fence

Yellow signs dispense warnings

Take a deep breath. Live!


CLP 15/02/2021