On Proof

words had made no sense

so you placed my hand inside

your heart packed with ice


CLP 15/07/2021

On Endings ii

scratched record scratched wreck

cord around the neck now is

time to nail the lid


CLP 05/07/2021

On Conversation

butterfly less wing

endless circularity

fatal conclusion


CLP 03/07/2021

On Endings

my words fail (again)

wish your kiss had sealed these lips

leaving me struck dumb


CLP 03/07/2021

Dream #23

unable to speak

shouts stifled at source

legs bound, arms held

this is not what I came for

how do I wake myself

when so constrained by sleep?

will it end like this?

drowned in white light?

in silence?


CLP 20/06/2021