on Ukraine

private enterprise
providing bodies for cause
who does this profit?


n.b. As has been seen in Eritrea and Somalia, the persistence of a war, the subsequent escalation of arms supplies to a region, leads to local groups establishing their own power bases, baronial lands. In Ukraine’s Soledar, the Wagner group is cutting out a piece of territory for itself, one that has been smashed beyond recognition above ground.

Why is this pointless slaughter, using the ultimate sacrifice of those who are in effect employees, being pursued for land that is rapidly becoming uninhabitable? Some say for what lies beneath, mineral wealth, for private expropriation.

It is also suggested that up to 25% of the military forces assaulting Ukraine are now comprised of mercenaries. This makes the war increasingly a commercial enterprise, one of the people of Ukraine versus capital.

Furthermore, for all the alleged negative impacts of the war on other national economies, those making the weaponry are cashing in big time. This is not just Iran and North Korea selling arms to Moscow, but every business selling its products to help Ukraine defend itself. Patriot weapons systems are bought from the profit oriented manufacturers, not just given away by the USA government from a magic vault.

The balance sheet of this war is far from simple.

Recommended further listening:

Masters of War by Bob Dylan.


CLP 11/01/2023

on water

fens drained for farming
commons mopped up by gentry
raindrops or teardrops?


n.b. First the common land under James I, then the water boards under the Tories. If we need it, they control it. Through legislation for the landed gentry, by the landed gentry, generations of people remain in the thrall of robber barons. Time for change.

CLP 27/08/2022

On Work i

what do we call it
when forty plus hours isn't
enough to pay rent?


CLP 28/08/2021

L3 (Day 39): On Foot

The city is bounded by rivers. Banked up inside their curves, the sprawl of the urban is curtailed and it takes no time to escape into open farmland.

Further on is protected woodland and a lake (“broad”) that was formed from industrial era excavations. Both pleasant locations for exercise.

Every square inch of land is managed, clearly designated as recreational, industrial, residential, commercial, farming, military, conservation, transport, or the ominously labelled developmental land use.

Those who own land are well represented in Parliament, the House of Lords and Buckingham Palace. All changes pass through these vested powers slowly and grudgingly.

What do we need a say in land use for now commons land is an anachronism? Move along people, nothing to see here.

Walking for three hours compensated for a day at my desk yesterday.


CLP 14/02/2021