on truth

one of my friends said
when you hug onto a tree
they grow
love does that


CLP 10/07/2022

on time

remind me how you know
your truth is the holy one
a poet wrote it?


CLP 07/03/2022

on faith

fair weather friendships
never survive passing storms
sunshine after rain


CLP 01/11/2021

On Friendship (continued)

We have all the time

required to be gentle.

Friendship will endure.


CLP 03/02/2021

On Numbers (2021)

What does it matter?

A fresh start or same, same old?

Welcome aboard guys!


n.b. Things will be different, things will be the same. My new year resolution is to love my neighbour. Worth another go, don’t you think?

CLP 01/01/2020

On Losing (18)

Keep the faith y’all

Everything will be alright

Earth keeps on spinning


n.b. Hopeless romantic, or just hopeless?

Winter Solstice should be a time to welcome the turn toward longer days…make of that what you will.

n.n.b. Sorry, not The Dove of Peace, but quite a pretty gull.

CLP 21/12/2020

On Losing (11)

I had every faith

that we might beat the long odds

of course I was wrong


CLP 10/12/2020

On the Surface ii

What lies beneath your

well manicured appearance?

Frailty or strength?


n.b. I could go on about the cosmetics industry and cosmetic surgery here, but I won’t. You know the score, don’t you?


CLP 13th October 2020

On Endings (xiv)

Call local priest in

To bless with extreme unction

Last chance to sign up


CLP 24/06/2020

On Separation

Boxed heart stays constant

Old fears prowl; rattle casket

Rhythm misses beat


Contactless eyes dumb

Imagination finds voice

Tremors felt in gut



Fill up conversation voids

Muddy evidence


Dig gently for truth

Listen to answers; reflect

Retire to consider


Never forget this:

Distance forms Hall of Mirrors;

Boxed hearts stay constant


n.b. We are not alone. Keep the faith.

CLP 30/03/2020