on time

so thrilled to be there
right at the front, watching warm-up
somebody's grandson


n.b. Which is how it started for me too, over fifty years ago.

CLP 18/02/2023

on time

grandson stands, twists tongue
attempts clicking of fingers
softness of digits


CLP 26/10/2022

on truth

somewhere, four bodies
darkness cast from Global New Light
anger of loved ones


n.b. Myanmar, a chaotic country, in which the military junta are writing their version of history in blood.

News reported today states, four campaigners for democratic government have been executed after being charged with conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism.

The Global New Light of Myanmar is a distributor of news published by that government’s Ministry of Information.

It would be trite to discuss the freedom fighter versus terrorist dichotomy here. Body bags need labels. The families of the dead just want the bodies of their loved ones.

CLP 25/07/2022

on Ukraine

waiting at bus-stop
we've all been there, filling time
quietly musing


n.b. A thirteen year old boy was killed in a missile strike while waiting for a bus. His father came to hold his pulseless hand. Moscow states peace talks “make no sense.” (And this does?)

CLP 20/07/2022

on time

I used to play too
when panelled footballs had laces
goal nets luxury


n.b. Today I made this clay model of a football I was given one Christmas. It was orange, as this will be painted, when dry. Something for my grandson?

CLP 20/7/2022

on Ukraine

meanwhile at the shops
people queuing patiently
there could be children


n.b. Somebody chose to programme two X-22 cruise missiles to destroy a busy shopping centre in Kremenchuk. Days later, anxious relatives of the missing watch and wait.

n.n.b. The picture above is attributed to Alessio Mamo / The Guardian. It is a screen-shot from The Guardian today. The line, "there could be children" is lifted from the accompanying news report.

CLP 02/07/2022

on time

with never enough
we have decisions to make
choose to love; choose us


n.b. Are we not social creatures? If so, why are charlatans getting rich promoting the ‘I, me, my, mine’ agenda? Time is all we have, love is all we need.

CLP 02/06/2022

on time / on Ukraine xix

the truth hurts, it burns
eats at our souls if we lie
something more than words


n.b. The truth will out. For Marina Ovsyannikova this was the time to stand up and speak her truth.

CLP 15/03/2022

on waking

another morning
not enough hours to enjoy
all I've been blessed with


n.b. Starting with a heartbeat.

In fond memory of Moira.

CLP 27/11/2021

On Hope

see, you have survived

but how was this possible?

your heart was broken


CLP 20/07/2021