on time

where blue suede shoes trod
they long since left the café
no scent left to track


n.b. The nice thing about The Arcade Restaurant is that, apart from a modest postcard, the proprietors don’t trade off the reputation of one of their many happy customers. More importantly the café has been up and running for 102 years. I would say, it’s alright (in a good way).

CLP 28/09/2022

on cash

I'll buy you a meal
but I won't just give money
you said you're hungry


n.b. Talk me through that again. Hungry means ‘food’ right?

A young man, in a desperate condition, scarred, nervous, tired and dirty asked for a dollar for food. I said I’d get him some food, (we were stood outside a hamburger joint). I checked what he fancied, but when I came out there was no sign of him.

A middle-aged woman leaning on a walking cane, asked me for help getting some food. I explained the situation and she was grateful for the meal and drink I had carried out for the boy, who called himself William.

CLP 26/09/2022

on Sri Lanka

this land is our land
presidential palace sacked
let's find the kitchen


n.b. No attempt on The Capitol this, but the need to feed overrides the politics of greed. People of Sri Lanka only want what’s fair, enough of the extortion and corruption. “The president was not at home...”

CLP 09/07/2022

on paper

WANTED: space to live
to whom does this all belong?
who is it decides?


n.b. Land and property is the debate we need to have.

CLP 10/06/2022

Pork Chop’s Revenge

The bit I enjoy?
When hot fat drips on best dress
Ruins the evening


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Twenty prompt: anthropomorphise food.

CLP 20/04/2022

On The Table

Security is

required to ensure birds

make it to dinner


n.b. What goes on in these pristine sheds, behind this steel fence, in what passes for turkey farming in parts of Norfolk?


CLP 18/03/2021

L3 (Day 62): In The Kitchen

Courgettes are scarce at the moment and it looks like I have competition.


CLP 09/03/2021

L3: Day 58 (Wensum Park)

Swans gather by the park. A grandfather with the little ones of his family distributing bread. Ducks and gulls collect on the water, not forgetting sparrows on the river bank. Sparrows, love ’em!


CLP 05/03/2021