on light

lilac tinge of evening
conclusion of autumn's days
floodlights' siren call


CLP 15/12/2022

on time

someone chose sixties
but each day's spin could have been
played out in nineties


CLP 12/12/2021

Last Minute Winner

a shot smashed in goal
release of all frustrated
tribal emotions


CLP 11/09/2021

August vii

seasons overlap

cricket runs into football

what a load of balls


CLP 14/08/2021

On Absence

my head is elsewhere

new season begins today

schoolboy excitement


On Football

grass boot ball goal net

nations, flags, identity

complicated game


CLP 11/07/2021

On Dreams xi

One hundred thirty

seven years and five attempts

Youri Tielemans!


n.b. Better LCFC than CFC imo. Fab goal too.


CLP 16/05/2021


will be much like yesterday’s

not so different from that to be

disseminated the day after tomorrow


World’s Biggest Rabbit still stolen

very old Greek man still awaits burial


Pyroclastic clouds over St Vincent

as La Soufrière fumes


latest football results

different combinations same names

reconfigured numbers

keep population happy with games


wealth to be redistributed

amongst wealthy

more bread at food-banks for needy

acts of charity headlined

prove rich are not really so greedy


China, Russia, USA military manoeuvres


news must not be too scary


English lambing season

cute pictures abound

wobbly woolly legs and tails

bottle-fed by volunteer

shepherdess called, Mary


variants of Covid-19 and subsequent vaccinations

analysed at length expanded in fine detail

opinion pieces and ten top tips

how to keep fit and healthy

thoughts on how to keep strong and mentally stable

millions google for places they can spend vacation


Minneapolis trial progresses

horrors carried out by men with guns multiply

in each of planet’s broken-hearted nations


plastics still simple and cheap

flooding oceans

ice caps continue to melt

opinion is polar bears might soon have something

on which they still can float


tomorrow’s news is just today’s

as read and heard and seen

every story nuanced and massaged

to keep people balanced

on knife-edge of fear

nothing different from past years


without the news boring into our minds

without the thud and blunder

all the patronising advice

do you think we might see a bold head-line

one dawn that simply reads:




CLP  13/04/2021

On Light

impressive structure

floodlights stand proud of stadium

still waiting on green


n.b. Television can never replace the real deal. Plan to be there or expect to be square (eyed)…whenever being there, or anywhere is allowed.


CLP 09/04/2021

L3 (Day 66) Wembley – Virtually

There is nothing else in your life is there, that you do or have done, that brings every emotion like football can, is there?

No. No, I know.


But you need your mates.


n.b. The wisdom of Kev.

There was a fine example of this today when every emotion from disappointment to frustration, from embarrassment to humiliation and finally anger, was felt during an abject display by Pompey broadcast from Wembley Stadium.

Well done, Salford City. The best team won.

The antidote, Pompey v Spurs FA Cup Semi-final, Wembley, 2010.