On Time & Money

She’s been gone awhile

Yet here she is still on sale

and still exploited


n.b. Remarkably the most expensive CD in the store is of the late Amy Winehouse’s songs.

.Even Kylie, who continues to dance so vigorously in the Disco, is only £7 a CD, where as Amy is £15.00.


CLP 03/02/2021

On Technology


Speck circles march of many

“I see no police”


n.b. Apparently Horatio Nelson (see Column) did not say “I see no ships”, but “I really do not see the signal.” at the Battle of Copenhagen.

Yesterday’s (19th October, 2019) protest march against Brexit in London is conservatively estimated to have been attended by more than one million people of all ages, from all parts of the country. There were the usual collections of police vans full of back-up officers tucked away in the nooks and crannies of Shepherd’s Market and other insalubrious corners of Westminster, but few if any interventions were required. However, the police helicopter was constantly there, watching it all.

The photograph shows it high above the Palace of Westminster in mid-afternoon.

There are many people who think they might be watching more closely what is going on inside the corridors of power at this time.

Regulating “white collar” crime is not what the police was ever set up and resourced to do. The streets are where the police move most easily, yet the largest criminal enterprises, effecting the safety and security of millions, are well-established and comfortable in the offices, meeting rooms, corporations and banks that fund Brexit, privatisation and free-market extremism. In these places, I see no police.

CLP 20/10/2019