in time

concrete, glass and steel
put up lights, tie off with bow
still steel, glass, concrete


n.b. People raising glasses to Christmas on 2nd December, leaving just eleven months of the year festive free. This is in a country where a minority (46%) now identify themselves as Christian.

I don’t see or hear this much propaganda about any other belief system, other than Free Market ideology, obviously.

CLP 04/12/2022

On Losing (8)

Big Pharma profits

will have to take a back seat

to humanity


n.b. Intellectual property rights and patents are all very well, but as with HIV, not worth the paper they are written on if used to hold a gun to the heads of the poor, or inhibit production of effective vaccines for Covid-19.

If you have not heard about the idea of the “intellectual commons” this is a good place to start.


CLP 10/12/2020

On a Cook’s Tour

Borrow two billion

Keep spinning the roulette wheel

Then just walk away


n.b. Thomas Cook paid around £30 million to a series of Chief Executives over the past few years to keep a debt-laden corporation in business selling holidays to people, many of whom have borrowed money to take a holiday. Money makes the world go round, but whose money?


CLP 23/09/2019