On Losing (8)

Big Pharma profits

will have to take a back seat

to humanity


n.b. Intellectual property rights and patents are all very well, but as with HIV, not worth the paper they are written on if used to hold a gun to the heads of the poor, or inhibit production of effective vaccines for Covid-19.

If you have not heard about the idea of the “intellectual commons” this is a good place to start. https://www.monbiot.com/2016/12/15/the-fortifying-commons/


CLP 10/12/2020

On a Cook’s Tour

Borrow two billion

Keep spinning the roulette wheel

Then just walk away


n.b. Thomas Cook paid around £30 million to a series of Chief Executives over the past few years to keep a debt-laden corporation in business selling holidays to people, many of whom have borrowed money to take a holiday. Money makes the world go round, but whose money?


CLP 23/09/2019