The Dancer

in this moment I saw you
impressed upon the sheet of heaven
your wings
lifting you above all
that ever bound you here


CLP 30/08/2021


sentinel of change
fly beside my freed spirit
orientate my soul


n.b. See the crow? He’s up there.

CLP 27/08/2021

On Ballet / Football

With grace, strength, agility

running, leaping, stretching

a staged performance

coached to perform

Our instrument is our body

The ball, decisions

freedom to play

without fear


n.b. Quoting Carlos Acosta, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Tony Cliss, The Posh and The Alex. Football is unscripted drama, an art in itself.


CLP 28/02/2021


She dropped her shroud

Stepped clear, stood and proudly proclaimed

It is me. I am here!


CLP 19/02/2021

On the Street v

Here nobody knows

Who I might be, nor my work.

Freedom of movement


CLP 05/10/2020

On the Road XVIII

To travel freely

Without a care in the world

Forget the mirror


CLP 12/08/2020