on time

waltz me into it
walk up the aisle side by side
no witnesses please

n.b. Nothing to see here at the horse and carriage store. As the song says ‘Walk on by’.

CLP 02/10/2022

on time

we met over music
talked about race, religion
his six years prison
one fifth of his life
incarcerated for what?
he has a temper


n.b. We talked at first about football, then of other tribal connections; churches, family, gangs. His is doing a lot of work the Black Panthers would applaud, my tribe just watches football. There are times some of we Britons don’t know we’re born.

I am not condoning lack of self-control. It is not easy, but is it ever a justifiable reason for poor behaviour? I don’t know. Until you are taught, how do you know?

This piece of graffiti on Poplar Avenue is from a member of the (Almighty) Vice Lords. A six point star would denote a message from the (Black) Disciple Gangsters. One group Muslim, the latter not.

CLP 01/10/2022

on Beale Street

camera wobbles
trolley catches tourist beat
drunk? it ain't me babe


CLP 29/09/2022

on Ukraine

they still have enough
cowards to push the buttons
heroes would refuse


n.b. Resistance to conscription in Russia is an act of great courage. For Russians facing the press gang, “Do you have a plan? Run; Hide; Fight,”

Which is what public notices in US railway stations advise in case an act of domestic terrorism develops where the public gather. I understand that this is advice in other public buildings too, particularly schools.

Of course, the press gang was once how the British Royal Navy recruited when a ship was low on matelots. Able bodied boys and men were simply dragged off the streets of the island’s ports “to serve” the King and country.

Ukraine’s war of independence is now being fought on two sides of the border. It is a Vietnam, with Russian domestic resistance to an unjust war being as critical to the outcome as draft card burning youths were in the early 1970s, when flowers were bravely placed in gun barrels. Resistance is not futile.

CLP 25/09/2022

on light

despite so much light
no one can see everything
there are dark corners


n.b. To describe Chicago as complex would be a good starting point. A stunning construction. A place that seems to strive to improve. My kind of town.

on time

schedules don't account
for variable weather
rain-break friendships flow


n.b. Something special about the White Sox crowd. Nearly six hours with the rain delay start, passed in a flash. Thank you to Sam, Henry, the guy in the queue (not ‘The Queue’) and the ticket seller. Unforgettable evening of great conversation. Baseball was pretty good too, by the way.

CLP 21/09/2022

on life

while we're looking east
remember, there's a war on
American streets


CLP 15/09/2022

on Ukraine

on returning home
it cannot be as it was
Z marks the damned spot

n.b. Wounds will heal over, scars will be worn.

CLP 14/09/2022

on hope

everything ran true
nothing to worry about
learning every day


CLP 13/09/2022

on truth

we live side by side
vital questions bubble up
without clear answers


n.b. It’s okay to admit to not knowing.

CLP 07/09/2022