Long Weekend

across bridges, through tunnels
down paths, along tracks
so many hours, hundreds of miles
I'm on my way back
I'm nearly home


CLP 12/09/2021


toes freed, feet tickled
by low-tide's sandy ribs
every single little breaking wave
a charge
fired through shocked ankle bones
sparking skin, heart, eyes
whipping North Sea air from my lungs
More waves! More waves! More waves!
more Yesterdays


CLP 09/09/2021


did you feel
the tide turn
the new moon rise
something shift inside


CLP 06/09/2021


this reminded me
of your smile
that reminds me
to smile too


CLP 05/9/2021

On dancing

one, two three, one, two
free me from expectation
and let's hit the floor


CLP 03/09/2021

on the bus

buy return ticket
always a sensible move
choose to use or burn


CLP 03/09/2021

on cloud

it's been dark so long
but for one ray of sunshine
hearing you smile


n.b. Haiku

CLP 02/09/2021


Aegean blue
or is it green
clear to the seabed
shadow so sharp
it cut me out
cast me in stone
anchored me
and here I am still
waiting for you
to dive in too


CLP 29/08/2021

On August

wasps sniff out sugar
hedges heavy with berries
thorns in our fingers


CLP 25/08/2021

L-plates iv

move away from kerb
respect other road users
maintain a safe speed


CLP 24/08/2021