On Numbers (x.2)

“They are not exes”

I replied, “Each is part of me.”

Each is with me still.


CLP 24/11/2020

On Numbers (X)

“I don’t want to hear”

She said, “about all your exes.”

“They are your problem.”


n.b. Good point. Well made.

CLP 17/11/2020

On Numbers (43)

Between rain and dusk

Over the hills and back again

Pedalling fury!


n.b. Sometimes you just get lucky and the weather breaks fall perfectly. Taking advantage of this, my cycling buddy and I sped around 43 km of Norfolk countryside today in a couple of hours. It was an almost total escape from some of the nonsense found elsewhere in the media, but not quite. I had to share the photo. We chose to avoid this complete dead-end. You may notice that the sign looks like it’s been badly beaten.

Strangely we seemed to speak to more people in passing than we might have done without Lockdown 2. Norfolk is a place where people talk to each other…at a safe distance. Maybe the distancing helps conversation. What do you think? As someone brought up in England I rather find a little physical distancing to my liking. Depends who it is though.

CLP 12/11/2020

On Numbers -2

Days that we all have

Until going back again.

Where will I find you?


CLP 02/11/2020

On Numbers 3

How many days would

you expect a friend to wait

before warning you?


n.b. Thanks, mate. Three days is a long stretch to have to wait before letting on you have symptoms of a notifiable disease to someone who you last saw four days ago. How dare you take decisions on my behalf about my health and the health of my friends and family! How do you know what the risk is; who I plan to meet; how effective physical distancing actually is if asymptomatic? I would have made different decisions had you been kind enough to let me know. I hope you get better soon. My asymptomatic test results are due tomorrow.

CLP 26/10/2020

On Wilful Ignorance

Without symptoms

Does not mean without virus

Don’t think otherwise


n.b. Familiarity breeds contempt – sometimes phrased as “loosening inhibitions.” Consent for any form of physical contact is not just a courtesy.

A show of affection may be the kiss of death. No excuses. There may not be a second chance.


CLP 18/10/2020


On the Surface vi

Talk flows naturally

Everything seems as it should.

What’s been left unsaid?


n.b. Is life too short to cover everything one needs to talk about?


CLP 17/10/2020

Off the Street

I kept out of it

Today the echoed footsteps

Were not made by me


CLP 10/10/2020

On Friendship

Growing steadily

Asking for naught; taking naught

It became something


CLP 03/10/2020

Beyond Now

The best of today

Is the joy of planning how

To share tomorrow


CLP 24/09/2020