On Losing (11)

I had every faith

that we might beat the long odds

of course I was wrong


CLP 10/12/2020

On Losing (9)

Is it unthinkable

that you and I might never

remain in contact?


CLP 10/12/2020

On Losing (5)

If you’ve any heart

you’d lend it me while I sort

out a replacement


CLP 07/12/2020

On Winning

To be home again

and to be part of something

means today everything seems



CLP 06/12/2020

On Losing (3)

I have a hole here

the very shape of your heart

where mine’s gone missing


CLP 04/12/2020

On Losing (2)

When fear of defeat

becomes the motivation

the game is finished


n.b. One post about lost love and I get followed by a blog writer offering dating advice for men. Do I really come across as a bloke needing dating advice? I might write as if I am a little love worn, love lorn, slightly world weary, but give me a break; it’s been a long road and there’s still plenty of happy miles ahead and I have fuel in the tank. Thank you for the offer though, Dr. Love.


CLP 05/11/2020

On Losing

Willing to accept

my part in our sad defeat

I leave the field


CLP 03/12/2020

On Numbers (x.9)

To be a writer

I need someone to read me

She is my mirror


CLP 24/11/2020

On Numbers (x.8)

She understands love

does not include possession

so keeps me in mind


CLP 24/11/2020

On Numbers (x.7)

You are always here

How could it never be so?

Exeunt omnes


CLP 28/11/2020