Fear of Flying

It was time to go

I stepped off the bridge

Ice wind cut my cheeks

Froze tears to my face

I turned to speak

And saw you waving

From the opposite bank

I waved too


Not drowning

In the waters passing underneath


CLP 02/02/2020

Travelling Light

When you’ve been apart

Meeting up is a challenge

Just take essentials


CLP 01/02/2020

Sleepy Beauty

While I slept she woke

And then when I woke she slept

Different time zones


n.b. Distance is no barrier to friendship; just a little inconvenient at times.


CLP 12/01/2020

Butterfly (III)

Scarce Swallowtail, France 2017


From fruit to flower

As if by random chance

Following the sweetest scent

Unsettled by slightest tremor

Fluttering to fresh space

Sets down, silent, still

Absorbing heat of Sun

Full expanse of detail, colour, beauty

Revealed in staccato stretches

Then open display

She flew after

Gently removing

Each of my wings*

And leaving me

Learning to walk again


n.b. Wings intact, just removed for safe-keeping.

CLP 05/01/2020

At the Rutland Arms

They came from afar

Uncertain of what to say

Their loss, our future


n.b. We gathered to pay respects to one of our own, a fellow Pompey supporter to some, a close friend to a few. We did not know how to do this, but wanted to be together at this time, the first available home game.

We met at a pub close to Fratton Park and talked of Martin and touched philosophically on the inevitable.

After a few simple words in memory of this lovely man, we raised our glasses and expressed gratitude for having known him.

We then went to the game. It was 0-0.


CLP 12/10/2019

On Friendship V



When offered a drink

Questions of milk, cream, sugar

Are superfluous


CLP 24/06/2019

On Friendship III

Ask the contrary

Expect nothing; accept truth

Without sugar coat

CLP 21/06/2019

On Friendship II

Tough questions asked

Without fear of rejection

Answers come gently


CLP 21/05/2019

On Friendship

Connections hold fast

Details rarely important

Time no barrier


CLP 20/06/2019