on light

frosted fields rotate
when observed from train window
passenger unmoved


CLP 25/01/2022

on dawn

grass sparks, smoulders, smokes
brittle chaffinch call echoes
night's pale shroud lifted


CLP 20/01/2022

on flight

I stopped by the lip of the city
where the lines to London curl south
breathed in the space
felt the frost in my throat
by the derelict site
more fenced-off car parking than I imagined
expanse of redundant concrete
split by grasses at its seams
reflecting the January Sun's warmth
enough to creat sufficient turbulance
to lift the buzzards
they spiralled upwards into the blue
then parted
one toward the ice-steamed broad
the other drifting to the shimmer of curved steel at Crown Point Stadler Traction and Rolling Stock Maintenance Yard


CLP 16/01/2022


By noon the light was in retreat

the nagging wind swung east, north-east

its oscillations conjured more ice from air

to add to morning’s thick frost still laid

below hedges trinketed with hips and haws

that baited flocks of redwings

whose fluted chirps and piped notes

added winter music to this rime

and brought vibrancy

to Cut Throat Lane.


n.b. Under the heading of ‘Weird Norfolk’ the local newspaper recounts the tales of Cut Throat Lane, Yaxham.


CLP 31/01/2021

On Losing (17)

How is this track marked?

Frost silvered by moonlight holds

breadcrumbs disappear


CLP 20/12/2020

On Ice

Frost’s fingers extend

Grasp moisture from atmosphere

Sculpt feathers from grass


CLP 20/01/2020