on time

memory of past
fades alongside agreed plans
future forgotten


n.b. Forgetting yesterday is a useful self-preservation process, forgetting what should be happening tomorrow must be frightening.

CLP 21/02/2023

on time

I used to play too
when panelled footballs had laces
goal nets luxury


n.b. Today I made this clay model of a football I was given one Christmas. It was orange, as this will be painted, when dry. Something for my grandson?

CLP 20/7/2022

on time

nigh two years have passed
we're increasingly distant
universe expands


CLP 13/07/2022

On Dreams xxi


strangely unfamiliar

back to beginning


CLP 27/05/2021

On Dreams vi

solid as Scotch mist

with fragility of glass

precious compass point


CLP 08/05/2021

On Water xiii

a pause to reflect

it was here that fate pushed me

I’d to cross a bridge


n.b. Time and tide and all that. Choices, decisions, life goes on.


CLP 23/04/2021

L3 (Day 54): In The Cold

The shift from yesterday’s promising warmth of sunshine to this fog threatening existence was brutal. No wind as such, but bitter cold, bitter.

The numbering of days in this lockdown is moving on so fast. Best not to look back to what has been left behind, or left undone, but to look ahead, to plot a course. Heaven’s light our guide.


CLP 01/03/2021

On Understanding

What relief there is

to know our confusion’s past.

For that I’m grateful.


n.b. In a complex world, establishing a little bit of peace, love and understanding is always a good thing, however long it takes to get there.


CLP 21/02/2021

L3 (Day 43): Carrow Hill

Here’s white light, no heat

Heaven’s lights will shine bright tonight

In this brilliant galaxy

how will you hear

the star that calls to you?


CLP 18/02/2021

On Mercury

Retrograde movement

an optical illusion

Orpheus, don’t look!


n.b. Apparently there is a bit of thing when Mercury is backsliding for nostalgia. Being grateful for the good things is one thing, wallowing in the past – meh.


CLP 17/02/2021