on autumn

rich pickings lie here
carpet of horse chestnut leaves
remnants of summer


n.b. Two Egyptian Geese nosing their way through leaf litter, barely visible in an English city centre.

CLP 12/11/2021

On Water

Inundation flows

finds a level then settles

serene water fowl


n.b. Today a bitter northerly brought snow to the air and pushed the tide higher, so that the rivers spilled into low pasture, ducks, geese and swans followed.


CLP 05/04/2021


On fields of decapitated barley, the hollow stubble full with last night’s rain, huge straw reels stand askew; great golden wheels left out to dry in the Sun, emitting a musty warmth, while fungi forms in dewy soil on which the geese reconvene to recommence their wintery discourse.

These large birds’ clacking beaks break into the day with husky talk in croaked, dawn-crack voices; the gabbling gaggle precedes the early calls of crows, blackbird and songs of rising larks, to signal our brief summer’s passing.

CLP 21/07/2020

Brent Geese


Spirals from vast skeins

Settle on winter wheat

Black snow from Russia


CLP 30/12/2018


When brent geese flock

Wheel and cloud the winter sky

Buzzard stands her ground

CLP 28/12/2018