In the (U)SA (xi)

Windows smashed open

Light flows in anger pours out

We all need to breathe


CLP 03/06/2020

In the (U)SA (vii)

Let us not pretend

That this begins and ends there

Black Lives Matter here


CLP 02/06/2020

In the (U)SA (vi)

New China Daily”

Delights in Presidential tweets

Pot calling kettle…


n.b. reports that the People’s Republic of China’s national / official news media highlights the irony of China’s government being criticised for how the PRC is responding to pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, by a US President who is calling for “domination” of the people demonstrating against police brutality following George Floyd’s callous murder.

CLP  02/06/2020

In the (U)SA (v)

On the seventh day

After 60 days locked in

Who is listening?


CLP 02/06/2020

In the (U)SA (iv)

Solitary voice

Required to intervene




CLP 01/06/2020

In the (U)SA (iii)

I see worst of man

Can’t understand why he’s so

Breathe out, remain calm


CLP 01/06/2020