a grey shadow
spirited out of dusk
the figure of a woman
unfamiliar to me

I waved to no avail
she stood
neither coming nor going
unresponsive to my gesture

I returned to my work
cutting back two years growth
the hedge barely recognisable
edges blurred

I looked again
was she coming or going?
the sad shape of her
still, there

light decaying
as memory fades
I turned a third time
she'd disappeared


CLP 05/01/2023

on truth

believe it or not
there are many ghosts out there
calling from the grave


n.b. I had a wander to see where all this might be happening. No sign of the Heartbeat Café, no reply to my enquiring email via Bookface, or whatever it’s called these days. I think this perpetually advertised event is a ghosting.

CLP 21/09/2022