on the strip

who needs Las Vegas
buried deep in a desert
when you've got GY?


JS & CLP 18/06/2022

on luck

ten bob in two pees
pink panda from slot machine
taint of copper coins


n.b. You probably think that this little story deserves a footnote (and you’re probably correct), but it’s 22c, after midnight and I’m playing late night summer blues, so you’ll have to write your own this time, sorry. However, who knew one could have such fun in Great Yarmouth on a Friday night in June?

CLP 18/06/2022

on flight

starlings stir up dusk
sky's grey palette liquified
fish out of water


n.b. A photograph cannot capture the wonder of starlings numbering hundreds or thousands flying in a free-wheeling flock, a mumuration. Yesterday, late afternoon, Great Yarmouth; the magic of flight, the joy of collective effort, the beauty of life.


CLP 09/01/2022