on light

all this light about
to be blocked off, deflected
its time to rise up


n.b. This medieval city is inexorably being squashed by property developers and a city council happy to see the skyline of church towers and steeples disappear behind a curtain wall of concrete, steel and glass.

CLP 29/11/2021

On Numbers 7

Of the mortal sins

I must confess to them all

No apologies


n.b. I am wholly culpable. I made those choices. I live with the consequences.


CLP 26/10/2020

Nothing Matters (II)

Cross the River Styx

With just enough for your fare

Nothing else required


n.b. For all our possessions and wealth, however great or small, it is no good to us when we have died. A couple of pennies on the eyelids to pay Charon for the crossing to the other side is all we need.


CLP 15/12/2019

On Wealth

Although pollen rich

Sweet scent of nectar still draws

The bee far from home


CLP 27/12/2018